This is the first of seven guides for Firelands bosses, designed specifically for melee DPS. Some of this can be used for other roles, but I figure that most of my readership should be either part-time or full-time Rets, so here’s content designed specifically for you!

You’ll have to clear a decent  amount of trash to get Shannox to even spawn, so get to work. Also clear out a little area where you’ll fight Shannox and his puppies.


Shannox is a hunter and comes with two pets: Rageface and Riplimb. Rageface doesn’t have an aggro table, whereas Riplimb does. Rageface will regularly leap at a player and cast Face Rage, which hurts… a lot. The only way to get Rageface to stop mauling the player is to land a big crit on him (think Iron Constructs on Ignis), something in the ballpark of 30,000 damage or greater for 10-man and 45,000 damage or greater for 25-man. Divine Shield should wipe this if you’re targeted, but I’ve never had a chance to try; our strat should make this clear.

Riplimb, on the other hand, doesn’t do much you need to be concerned about. Whenever Shannox tosses his spear, Riplimb will play fetch and bring it back to the hunter, so if you’re DPSing Riplimb when this happens, be wary of where the dog is walking!

Shannox has a number of abilities to look out for. First of all, he’ll periodically cast Arcing Slash which does a conical cleave in front of him. If you’re in melee range hitting Shannox, make sure to behind him (this should be second nature by now, but it has to be said).

He’ll also be throwing out traps frequently, which look like standard hunter traps but larger.

Do NOT step on these. If triggered, Immolation Trap (seen here at the top of the screenshot) will do instant, massive fire damage, put a fire DoT on you, and increase your damage taken for a time, burning through healer mana faster than a teenage girl through her father’s credit card.

Crystal Prison Trap (at the bottom of the screenshot), on the other hand, will encase you in a crystal that can create LoS issues for healers and casters and take valuable DPS time to break you out. Do your raid a favor and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

One last ability to look out for: Hurl Spear. He’ll occasionally toss out his spear, the target of which will be a large red target on the ground; you literally can’t miss this. Stay out of this and all of the fire that its impact creates.


The strat that worked for us, on 25-man, was to have Riplimb and Shannox tanked separately, with all DPS burning down Rageface right off the bat. He’ll jump around whilst raging your guildmates’ faces, so do your best to keep up with him (Long Arm of the Law + Pursuit of Justice = WIN). Avoiding traps is paramount.

When Rageface dies, melee DPS jumped on Shannox while ranged switched to Riplimb. We were careful to not put slows on Riplimb as he seemed to gain Wary just from the slows, making him immune to other traps for a short period. Anyway, DPS was continued on both Riplimb and Shannox until the latter was just above 30%, at which point all DPS were poured onto Riplimb to burn him down quickly.


For each dog that dies, Shannox gains a stack of Frenzy. We dealt with one stack for most of the fight without issue; when the second one goes out, however, tank survivability turns the remaining 30% into a burn phase; kill Shannox before he kills your tank. He’ll still toss out traps, so watch out for those, but if you can dodge those and your healers can keep up their efforts, you should see him drop in no time!

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