This is the third of seven guides for Firelands bosses, designed specifically for melee DPS. Some of this can be used for other roles, but I figure that most of my readership should be either part-time or full-time Rets, so here’s content designed specifically for you!

Beth’tilac (or Beth, for short) has a ton of trash before her that loops back on itself and is just a general pain in the ass. Expect a long walk back after a wipe, as there are no shortcuts up the cliff from what I’ve seen.

I’m going to explain as much as I can, even though some of these things may be irrelevant for the strat we used.


This encounter has two separate areas in which to fight: on the web (above you) and on the ground.


Up on the web, Beth’tilac uses Meteor Burn to try to knock people down. When the meteor hits, it creates a hole in the web, and if you fall through it you won’t have strands to slow your descent.

The other concern up top is Smoldering Devastation, which happens when Beth’s energy goes to zero. When this goes off, it’ll one-shot anything on the same level as her.


On the ground, there are three different types of adds.

Cinderweb Drones

Drones do a large frontal cone attack called Boiling Spatter that hurts like a mother. Also, if it is in proximity to any Cinderweb Spiderlings it will Consume them, healing itself and increasing its damage done. Finally, if the Drone isn’t dead by the time Beth’tilac casts her Smoldering Devastation, it will run to the middle and join Beth upstairs. Once up there, it will cast Leech Venom and start draining her energy faster.

Cinderweb Spinners

Spinners dangle on threads and toss out Burning Acid. These can either be killed from range or taunted down and killed. Once taunted down, they leave behind their thread, which can be mounted like a vehicle and used to get up to the web.

Cinderweb Spiderlings

Spiderlings spawn from the northwest, northeast, and southwest corners of the room. If a Drone is up, they will make a beeline for it. If they reach their target, the Drone will eat them as mentioned previously. If no Drone is active (such as at the start of the fight), the Spiderlings will cast Seeping Venom on a nearby raid member.

Second phase

After Beth casts her third Smoldering Devastation, she’ll drop down to the ground. If there are any Spiderlings left up, she’ll Consume them and gain 10% of her health per Spiderling. She’ll be casting Ember Flare periodically, which when combined with her increasing stacks of Frenzy, presents a soft enrage that isn’t actually all that soft.

100% – Third Smoldering Devastation

As I mentioned before, some of these mechanics aren’t relevant for the strat I’m about to explain, but in case your raid wants to deviate from it, at least you have all of the pertinent info.

We used a zerg strat. Enveloping Shadows has had unusual luck with unorthodox strats, so when I saw a Youtube video of a 25-man raid doing a zerg, I just knew we had to give it a shot. Here’s what went down:

One tank and two healers up with Beth, everyone else down on the ground. One tank on the ground picking up Drones, melee with taunts got all of the spinners down and killed them, the Spiderling teams killing their adds, and everyone else on the active Drone.

We had so much DPS that after killing spinners, we’d swarm the drone (no pun intended; honest!) and have a few seconds of downtime until the next spinner spawn. So, we switched things up to try to cut down on that downtime as much as we would be comfortable with. What ended up netting us a kill was putting two melee up top with the tank and healers, and keeping everyone else where they were. This way we had Beth down to 85% or so when she finally dropped to ground level.

This, of course, presents three different possible roles for a Ret:


If you’re up on the web, taunt a Cinderweb Spinner (Hand of Reckoning and Righteous Defense both work) and climb up. Make sure your tank and healers go up first, though.

Be very, very mindful of Meteor Burn. The places where they come down look like little lava pools, so it should be fairly easy to avoid. Just don’t do what I did and try to squeeze in between two of them; you’ll fall through the web and not get slowed. Ouch.

When she starts casting Smoldering Devastation, go back down from the center hole.


We had all melee on the ground taunt and kill Spinners first, and then jump on the Drone. The Spinners’ melee hits decently hard, so make sure you’re in range of your healers and/or taking advantage of ground healing effects.

Remember to stay behind the Drone to avoid the cone attack.


If you’re on Spiderling duty, slap on Seal of Righteousness and abuse your Divine Storm button. These can be easily AoE’d down, but should also be slowed (Chilblains, Freezing Trap, etc.) so you can kill them before they get to the Drone.

Third Smoldering Devastation – Dead

As I’ve mentioned, after she casts her third Smoldering Devastation she’ll drop to the ground. Make sure to kill any Spiderlings left so that she doesn’t heal and negate all of the damage you may have done up top.

Aside from your two tanks, everyone else should clump up on her ass. Thanks to the stacking Frenzy, the raid damage is going to steadily get out of control. Chain raid cooldowns (Divine Guardian, Aura Mastery, Rallying Cry, etc.) and go to town. Make sure to use Holy Radiance on cooldown during this phase; every little bit helps!

We popped Bloodlust a few seconds after the start of this second phase, but our healers suggested we save it until her health dipped to about 40% or so. I’m sure it would’ve made their jobs easier in terms of healing people up before the next Ember Flare.

Otherwise, it’s just a straight burn phase. Divine Protection is great to use to mitigate the ever-increasing amounts of Fire damage that’s going out, and don’t forget to bubble if you’re getting close to a kill and your healers are running out of juice!

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