This is the fourth of seven guides for Firelands bosses, designed specifically for melee DPS. Some of this can be used for other roles, but I figure that most of my readership should be either part-time or full-time Rets, so here’s content designed specifically for you!

Baleroc guards the bridge to Sulfuron Keep, meaning that in order to get to Staghelm and Raggie Poo, you have to go through this guy. This fight requires lots, and LOTS, of healer and tank coordination, so expect to hear a lot of muffled screams and trembling sobs over your voice chat.


Baleroc consists of one phase. Outside of the mechanics, he literally just stands in one place the whole time, putting out no AoE damage and no Bad Stuff to avoid, with a reasonable five minute enrage timer.

He has a whole slew of tank-related abilities that you don’t have to worry about, but your tanks probably should.

He will regularly cast Shards of Torment which will spawn, you guessed it, Shards of Torment, one of which can be seen in the screenshot above. The closest person to the shard will take a stacking debuff called Torment. When no more stacks are being applied (due to either being out of range or when the shard despawns), Torment will drop and be replaced with Tormented. If no one is within 15 yards of the shard, it will pulse an AoE called Wave of Torment that will most likely wipe your raid if not dealt with.

Related to the shards are some healer-related abilities, but hey, you’re not healing, right? So it’s all gravy.

As a DPS, you have one of two roles to fill, depending on your raid comp and your raid leader’s thought processes:

Meter Whore

(I honestly couldn’t think of a better name.) Basically, if you’re not assigned to a shard, you just stay away from the shards at all times and kill the boss. Of course, be ready and willing to substitute on shards at a moment’s notice.

Shard Tank

If you’re lucky enough to get stuck on a shard (and you really should; I’ll explain why in a moment), you hug a shard (that is, be the closest person to it) until you just can’t take the damage anymore. Usually, anywhere from 9-12 stacks is a reasonable amount to take for Rets, with cheaters like Shadow Priests popping Dispersion and getting as many as 20+.

Immunities, such as Divine Shield, do not work. I know, I was sad too.

100% – Dead

If you’re a Meter Whore for the fight, congrats on sitting generally in one place and tunneling your way to victory. However, I really think Rets are a strong option for shard tanking. Divine Protection, when glyphed, is a powerful CD that will be up every time you go to hug the shard. Also, the ability to toss a 3-HP Word of Glory on yourself will help you withstand an extra tick or two.

To properly cover all of the shards that spawn and give everyone’s defensive cooldowns time to come back up, we set up three groups of 2 DPS for both the melee and ranged, resulting in 12 DPS as part of the rotation. We coordinated the “shard teams” by calling out the shard spawns as A, B, and C (in order to prevent confusion with healing groups 1, 2, and 3).

In essence, if you’re on the first shard A spawn, you will get the first, fourth, seventh, etc. shards. This should give plenty of time for your CDs to come back up and for Tormented to fall off.

Otherwise, just continue the Shard Tank rotation and burn him down. Don’t forget to pop your bubble if he enrages and you need a few extra seconds for DoTs!


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