This is the fifth of seven guides for Firelands bosses, designed specifically for melee DPS. Some of this can be used for other roles, but I figure that most of my readership should be either part-time or full-time Rets, so here’s content designed specifically for you!

Alysrazor has one of the coolest initial pull animations I’ve seen. The only one that tops it is Sapphiron in Naxx, really.


The Alysrazor encounter consists of three repeating phases.

Phase 1 – Get Busy Flying or Get Busy Interrupting

After the pull, Alys will fly across the field, dropping Molten Feathers and cleaving. Don’t eat the cleave, JUST TRUST ME ON THIS.

Clicking on three feathers will give you Wings of Flame, allowing you to fly and DPS Alysrazor.


In the air, there are a few mechanics you need to pay attention to. Alys will occasionally create a ring called Blazing Power. Fly through these to stay aloft. When you gain 25 stacks of Blazing Power, you’ll get Alysra’s Razor. Finally, Alys will create some Incendiary Clouds up there; avoid these, they hurt.

Not Flying

On the ground, Blazing Talon Initiates will spawn that need to be dealt with. These have two casts; Brushfire which is uninterruptable but can easily be avoided (the fire patch spawns where the initiate is facing, and moves about slowly), and Fieroblast which MUST be interrupted.

Additionally, Molten Eggs will drop and out of them will hatch Voracious Hatchlings. Do not be near these when they spawn, and as always don’t be in front of it.

Furthermore, Plump Lava Worms will spawn during this phase and cast Lava Spew in a rotating field of fire.

Phase 2 – Tornado Ninja Training

Alys will fly in a tight circle and spawn a Fiery Vortex. From this, Fiery Tornadoes will fan out and start flying in opposing circular patterns around the center. If you get too far out, you’ll get hit with Harsh Winds. Also, Blazing Power rings still appear during this phase, this time on the ground.

Thanks to @Shathus on Twitter, here is a short animation displaying the tornadoes’ path.

Phase 3 – Burn, Burn, Burn

The tornadoes will disappear, and Alys will gain Burnout and crash to the ground. At the very start of this phase, she will have 0 Molten Power. She will, however, gain Spark, and two Blazing Talon Clawshapers will channel Ignition, which also increases her Molten Power regen.

When she reaches 50 Molten Power, Alys will gain Ignited and hover in the air. She will pulse Blazing Buffet every second and will periodically cast Blazing Claw on her tank. When she reaches 100 Molten Power, she will cast Full Power.

Phase 1

Due to Incendiary Clouds and the fact that Alys is constantly moving through the air, we found it more beneficial to send only ranged up and keep melee on the ground for interrupting and add-killing (note that one feather will allow the individual to cast while moving).

As Alys makes her initial sweep across the field, she remains hittable thanks to a massive hitbox, so get some quick DPS on her before she gets out of your reach! Just… stay behind her.

Make sure to interrupt Fieroblast and move out of the way of Brushfire. In between add spawns (they will fly down in fire-bird form, shapeshifting when they reach the ground) make sure to hit the hatchling to help your tank out; that hatchling needs to be dead before phase 2.

Phase 2

Hopefully all of your adds are dead at the start of this phase (druids and hatchlings alike). This phase is very, very simple and involves nothing more than surviving. I uploaded a video to Youtube featuring the easiest way I found to dodge tornadoes:

As you can see, it’s really simple. As you can also see, my guildmates are dropping like flies to them. It makes me sad.

Phase 3

Tornadoes will die and Alys will fall, so just run in and start popping CDs. Your tanks should be picking up the Clawshapers, leaving the DPS and healers to stack up and burn.

When Alys picks herself up and ignites, the pulsing AoE needs to be healed through, which is why stacking up behind the boss is a great idea. Go ahead and pop Holy Radiance during this, even though it won’t do much in the grand scheme of things. It makes me feel better about myself and my lack of raid cooldowns… damn you, warriors!

This three-phase cycle repeats until you have a kill. Good luck!

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