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Swordguard Embroidery leaves retribution in stitches

After writing my article for the week over at WoW Insider, a piece on profession and racial perks in Mists of Pandaria, I submitted it to the editors, read it several times over myself, and only later realized (after an astute commenter pointed it out to me) that I had neglected to include tailoring in my list. So, during a rather lengthy seminar this afternoon I decided to do some quick math on the profession perk from tailoring, Swordguard Embroidery.

According to the tooltip, Swordguard Embroidery (SE) has a proc for 4000 AP for 15 seconds, with a probable ICD of 55 seconds (it has been reported that the Cata version of SE has an ICD of 55 seconds, so I’m making a bit of an assumption here). If we fudge the 55 seconds out to 60 seconds, given that SE isn’t guaranteed to proc immediately after the ICD is up, we see that SE has a 25% uptime, which translates to a “flat” 1000 AP buff.

We can back-calculate the attack power to see how much strength it’s pretending to be:

Givens: 5% extra strength from Plate Specialization, 5% extra strength from Blessing of Kings, and the fact that 2 AP = 1 strength.

1000 = 1.05*1.05*2*x

Where x is the amount of strength.

Solving this shows that the equivalent strength gain is 453.5.

Now, embroideries replace any cloak enchant, which for our purposes is going to be Superior Critical Strike. Given what stat weights we’ve seen thus far (strength = 2.87, crit = 2.25), so let’s convert our equivalent strength gain and this crit enchant into raw numbers:

Strength from SE: 453.5 * 2.87 = 1301.55

Crit from enchant: 180 * 2.25 = 405

Subtracting the two results, we get a difference of 896.55. If we convert this back into strength as such:

2.87*x = 896.55

We find that x = 312.39 strength.

If, for sake of argument, the effect procs immediately after 55 seconds, the result changes to 353.63 strength. Naturally, the point at which SE procs after the ICD has elapsed is a bit hit-or-miss, but one conclusion that can be drawn is that this profession’s perk will be more valuable to those with rapid attacks (rogues, ferals) than those of us with a slightly slower swing.

Also, if we find that Simc’s stat weights aren’t accurate and strength ends up being worth more than current sims are giving it credit for, then the DPS contribution of SE will increase.