Firelands Quick ‘n Dirty: Lord Rhyolith

This is the second of seven guides for Firelands bosses, designed specifically for melee DPS. Some of this can be used for other roles, but I figure that most of my readership should be either part-time or full-time Rets, so here’s content designed specifically for you!

Before you get to Rhyolith, there’s an interesting gauntlet with a pretty sad “boss” at the end of it, Kar the Everburning, which was just a pushover when we were clearing through. Sadly it’s not like Sister Svalna in ICC, who was a sort of miniboss right before Valithria Dreamwalker.

I miss you, Sister Svalna. You were an easy Emblem of Frost.

Important note: Rhyolith will pretty much pull when you jump on his island. Do all of your strategery and planning from the shore, and only jump in when everyone’s ready.


For the entirety of the fight, you’ll be attacking Rhyolith’s feet, sorta like Kologarn’s arms but not so much. On Kolo, you’d DPS the arms whenever someone would get grabbed, or if you’d want to chip away at his health, and they’d die and regenerate. On Rhyolith, his feet share a health pool with his entire body.

Rhyolith will be walking around and, as melee, it’s your responsibility to turn him. Put heavy DPS on one foot to get him to turn in that direction (left foot to go left, right foot to go right). If he reaches the lava at the edge of the island/platform, he’ll cast Drink Magma and do massive raid damage.

The reason you want to turn him is to get him to step on active volcanoes. When Rhyolith uses Concussive Stomp, two to three new volcanoes will come up from the ground. Once in a while, Rhyolith will feel the need to ignite one, which will start doing damage to a number of players and put up a stacking debuff called Eruption, which sucks big-time.

A quick aside: we were debating Tuesday night about how you avoid the knockback of the stomp, if it’s a jumping mechanic or tied to resists. I’m of the opinion that a full resist will prevent the knockback, but I could be wrong! If you have any insights into how this works, feel free to share!

If you can get Rhyolith to stomp out an active volcano, not only will that damage stop, but he’ll lose some of his Obsidian Armor (10 stacks per volcano). It should take 8 volcanoes to rid him of this damage reduction.

When he does stomp one out, it’ll create a crater from which streams of lava will come bolting out of. These streams hit really hard, so avoid them at all costs.

This screenshot is great for a number of reasons.

First, I died to a lava stream (that thin line of fire), so you can see me fail! That’s always fun.

Second, speaking of fail, your damage output will be total shit when you’re on the feet because of the damage reduction component of Obsidian Armor. It’s supposed to be that way, don’t fret.

Third, you can see the difference between dormant and active volcanoes. The active ones are to the far right and the bottom right (underneath my Skada). They have reddish-orangish lava cracks in them; they’re fairly obvious.

Finally, you can see the adds that the ranged have to deal with for most of the fight. Mock them, mock them endlessly!


We had one melee be the Rhyolith “driver”, directing which foot to DPS to turn him. In order to make hard turns, we found that having a few ranged switch to the necessary foot was pretty clutch when the need arose. We actually got the achievement, Not an Ambi-Turner, because we took him in a clockwise circle the whole time, straightening him out when we had to. Otherwise, as long as your driver steers Rhyolith into active volcanoes at a steady pace, this phase isn’t terribly difficult for melee.

Note: the hitbox for the feet is quite large, so if you get knocked back by the stomp, you shouldn’t have to run too far to get back in range.

When all of his Obsidian Armor stacks are gone, all that remains is to get him to 25% in order to push phase 2.


At the start of phase 2, Rhyolith will shed his tough exterior to expose a gooey nougat center, and he’ll stop ignoring players. This is a huge burn phase in more than one sense of the word.

Not only will he continue to cast Concussive Stomp, but he’ll also be pulsing out Immolation, a raid-wide AoE. Have your raid pop their cooldowns (Divine Guardian, Rallying Cry, Aura Mastery, etc.) because Blizzard took these out of our reach. Glyphed Divine Protection should help abate some of the damage, Divine Shield more so.

This phase is really fast, so give it all you got!

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