Staying Ahead of the Curve

If you’ve been following all the hub-bub in the Ret community (more hub, less bub), you would have noticed that while there’s a solid base of talent choices, rotation priorities, and stat weights, a good deal of our spec is still in the process of being “crunched.”

For example, the night after 4.0.1 hit, I had about a half of a post written up, woeing our broken DPS and highlighting my initial, fairly negative thoughts, as well as some updated glyph choices and theorycrafted stat weights, interrupted by a discussion of a particularly epic episode of Stargate SG-1 that was accompanied by the following image:

Well, the devs saw the state of our DPS and tossed us some bigger numbers on some of our attacks.

Frankly, spitting out post after post of updates and quasi-new information doesn’t really appeal to me. I love reading others’ work and gathering up what I can, absorbing it like some well-groomed sponge, like the one you bought with the wavy design but just can’t bring yourself to use because it’s so modern and pretty… yeah.

To reiterate, I love reading other people’s thoughts on the updates and changes, but for me it’s getting a bit old to be writing “OMG THEY CHANGED THIS,” then the next day “OMG THEY REMOVED THAT, LOL”

I suspect you’re thinking,

“I know you intended that to be hyperbole, but it’s not too far off from your actual writing style,”

to which I’d reply

“…STFU noob.”

Therefore, instead of churning out post after post of the same stuff, I’ll just be updating my “Retribution 101” page, the link of which should be visible at the top there. I might throw up a post every once in a while that says “Oh, by the way, I put in some new values,” or some such nonsense, but trying to be all hip and creative with the same drivel is too much like being a writer for one of those inane sitcoms that poisons our primetime television.

I’m not sure Charlie Sheen has ever been funny. And that squirrelly guy they paired him up with gives me the creeps, like he’s up to something.

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