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To Deutschland!

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a long, long time until I return from Germany; just a few weeks. I’m taking a course over our J-term at my college and decided to take it abroad. I won’t have internet while I’m over there, with the exception of the occasional internet cafe. Therefore, I bid you all farewell for now, have a great New Year’s, and I’ll see you towards the end of January!

Auf wiedersehen readers!

Awww Yeah, New Banner, What Up Son?

Thanks to my friend’s guildmate, I have a new banner! Check it out… my paladin isn’t female anymore, but hey, it’s a custom banner. I’ll take what I can get.

Thanks again, anonymous person!

I Want to Get My PhD in Memetics

Of course, I would be one of the last people to participate in this meme. It could be a mix between the sporadicity (somehow, this is a word, I Googled it, and Google don’t lie) of my posts and my terrible, terrible short-term memory, but I’m just getting around to this now. The only “tag” I saw was in Rhidach’s post, and I figured that was enough. Meh.

1. What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before?

Ok, when I said I have terrible, terrible short-term memory, I guess that also applies to my long-term memory. Let’s see here, what the hell was 2009 all about…

Oh! I started raiding somewhat seriously. I joined a progression of raiding guilds (Google It, iRaid, Cynosure, and now Eradication) on my paladin, although I started out on my shaman.

I also started this blog, and I’ve never really written anything for others to read on a semi-regular basis, so I’m proud of myself for still pluggin’ away. (Big thanks to everyone who stops by and boosts my self-esteem with comments and view numbers!)

2. What was your favorite new place that you visited?

Ulduar hands down. I still remember the first time I ran that place, it was fuckin’ magical.

3. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

The free time to raid throughout the year. Seriously, that sucked. Also, I’d like to have my frost mage leveled to 80 and transferred sometime soon.

4. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

In terms of WoW achievements, probably downing Yogg after what seemed like the longest wait in the world to get into a group that could do it.

Outside of WoW, applying to grad schools and being one semester closer to graduation is nice. I’d like 25 achievement points for that, Blizzard, let’s get to work.

5. What was your biggest failure?

Transferring to Aerie Peak to raid, then having to quit, then coming back when I thought I finally had the time and discovering that the entire guild transferred off. I wasn’t all that mad when it happened, but now that I recap it… WOW.

6. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

Getting my mace. I remember doing 2s with my priest friend and I would be on a roller coaster of emotion with each win and loss, because my eyes were on the prize the whole time. Admittedly, I ALMOST got the sword, but I got talked into the mace. Glad I made that choice.

7. What do you wish you’d done less of?

I wish I had done less leveling-my-worthless-warrior. Seriously, it’s 80 now and is still dual-wielding a Titansteel and that axe from Halls of Lightning. That’s back when fury was good for the masses, not just ridiculously geared raiding warriors.

8. What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?

Too many. I won’t pick a favorite either, because that’d be picking favorites. Instead, I can provide you with a list of my top five:

The rant-filled I Like Bubbles,
The delightfully number crunchy and prot-ish Avenging Wrathy and Righteous Defense,
The one part Bertrand Russell, two parts Jeff Goldblum Critical QQ,
And the Pinky and the Brain over at Forbearance (no comment on who’s who).

9. Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009. 

Out of everything that has happened this year, I’d say the most valuable thing I’ve learned is that you can’t, I repeat, CANNOT tank as a snowman.

The Real "Cold Snap"

You know, I was going to include a small excerpt of last night’s Daily Show, where Jon Stewart talks about Gretchen Carlson and how she dumbs herself down for no good reason at all, but all of the clips I found on YouTube were some more-than-likely NSFW videos about her… physical attractiveness. I use that word carefully, simply because any woman who thinks an ignoramus (by definition in the English language) is an ignorant lawyer has had her physical beauty negated by her intellectual vacuum.

Actually, I’m sure she saw something about the 17th century play Ignoramus when looking up this definition, in which the main character was an ignorant lawyer. Shocking, I know. Dictionaries are hard to use.


Few experiences in my life quite parallel the feeling I get every time I go snowboarding. I confront the bitter cold and harsh wind with optimism, embracing it as a sign that today is not a day for labwork or deadlines. The anticipation of riding the lift to the top of the hill is rivaled only when I’m sitting on the cusp of the run in front of me, where taking one jump forward would send me full throttle into a white world, zigzagging through the snow-dusted trees and ski chalets. Once I throw myself over the edge and into this almost surreal realm, I am committed; the mountain will throw at me what it will, and reacting is as much a thrill as it is a necessity.

A truly amazing WoW experience successfully captures these emotions and distills them into an intellectual beverage for your enjoyment. So many fight mechanics are tank and spank, hit the boss enough until he dies or gives up, that when we encounter the rare “gimmick” encounter, we are more annoyed than refreshed. We have become accustomed to so much; it’s easy to forget the feelings of awe and wonderment we experienced the first time we witnessed the Sapphiron encounter, as the dragon constructed itself out of the scattered bones on the floor, or the sense of serendipity and relief when crowd control, Mass Dispelling, kiting, interrupts, heals, and all-out burst worked out just right on the Faction Champions encounter.

Remember and cherish these moments, and recognize that your progress into ICC will undoubtedly produce similar memories and ecstatic moments.

Safe and happy holidays, readers!

What’s in a Name? Letters, Mostly

Another sleepless night for the sake of finals. Third this week. Screw college.

Life lesson: don’t major in science. Two good things come out of this recommendation:

Firstly, future generations won’t have to go through all the crap I’ve had to go through, sparing themselves a rather large portion of their sanity and, thusly, life in general.

Secondly, there won’t be any new scientists to replace me, so I can end up making lots of money.

If you’re an economics person and are thinking “I don’t think you thought that one through, buddy,” then you’re right. I took an econ course once… Never again.

Onto more IMPORTANT things;

I did indeed transfer my pally back, but I did not name him AuntieJenn, Anteeegen, or AuntieJong. Sorry fellas, I just thought Auntie anything would be extremely odd to see on a male belf, oh excuse me, “male” belf. And you can’t have 3 e’s in a row in character names, so that takes care of the second.

No no, I let my inner and outer nerd take over when I named my character. If you can’t take the suspense and really want to know what it is, go ahead and click my Armory link to the left. However, I’m not going to be updating my Blogger name (not even sure it’s possible). Why? Because changing my name on here would only serve to confuse people. It’s the same reason I didn’t rename my blog when I stopped raiding (although I do hope to every god possible that I can raid next semester without much trouble).

So I went to run the daily random heroic after I transferred and I was matched to a group for H Pit of Saron. I, of course, was specced prot, because getting groups as ret sucks hard. There were bracers that dropped from one boss that I needed for my ret spec. However, I did not inform the group I would be rolling on them; I had been in groups previously with tanks or healers rolling on DPS gear without telling anyone, so I figured it was fine.

Of course it wasn’t fine. Why would I tell this story if it was fine? God you guys are gullible.

Anyway, they drop, and I roll need. The group FREAKS OUT. I politely and succinctly inform them that ret is my main spec, and I only spec prot to get groups faster. They insist that, since I was currently prot, I should only roll on prot gear. I found that idea ignorant, and chose to laugh at it, as it’s a heroic and can be run daily for the drop, a point I also calmly conveyed to them. Apparently one of them had a character on my server and said he was going to go on TL and say that I was a ninja. Oh noes, heroic ninja for my actual main spec, I’m scurred.

This is the point that I found quite hilarious:

He said he was going to report me for “disobeying the loot rules,” and that not only would I get the bracers taken away from me, I’d get banned for this offense.

Curious to see if this was possible, I did some research and, as it turns out, no you can’t. That’s straight from Blizz. Cash money.

Furthermore, I’m disputing the fact that I even WAS being a ninja-

  • Ret is my main spec; hell, it’s even my first spec of my dual specs which, when looked at on the Armory, appears to be my main spec.
  • My ret gear is better, overall, than my prot gear (although my prot set is catching up quickly, sadly).
  • I know ret inside and out (i.e. much better than I know prot), including writing a blog with at least a few informative posts on ret gearing, talenting, etc.

But just because I was SPECCED prot and tanked the heroic, they say I can’t roll on an item I need? Bull.

But what do you guys think? I mean, sure, I could have informed them that I’d be rolling on ret-type gear, but I run so many random heroics that to do so becomes tedious, and in literally every other heroic, no one cares.

< /rant >

Back in Belf

Long story short, I had to quit for a while because of school. I’m on an indefinite leave from raiding for the same reason, but I came back to play here and there because I love this game and I can find other ways to enjoy it than just raiding. Anyway, when I came back after a couple months MIA, my entire raiding guild had transferred and faction-changed. Talk about impulsive…

I’m not really bitter about it though. If you really want to do something, do it, and I’m pretty live and let live. I hope they’re doing well, storming ICC and causing a ruckus in the Lich King’s pantries and broom closets.

So I decided to transfer back to TL. I miss playing with friends, and I miss Orgrimmar. Ironforge was cool, but Org just has a familiarity to it.

I also missed the belfocity of being a belf. I went “male” in memory of Jong’s belf pally. Each frosted tip is a testament to your belf-legacy, sir.

So I propose to you readers: what shall I name my pally now? Macht is taken (the name I had on AP) and Antigen was flagged for a rename for some stupid reason. Throw any ideas in the comments section below, don’t be shy!

Man, My Mace is Getting Rusty

Sleep deprivation is a funny thing. Sure, you get tired, but the lack of sleep eventually messes with your mind. All of a sudden, light bulbs seem funny, your mouse pad is mocking you, and bottled water is the best thing in the entire world.

Chain-tanking random heroics for hours on end, rather than work on my 30+ page biology portfolio, became my sole ambition. You know it’s getting bad when you look at Recount, see that you are destroying all of the DPS, and keep going. I mean, I’m an easygoing guy… to a point. There is just no excuse to be doing that terribly.

(Hunters with your taunt on, I’m staring intently into your soul here.)

Sure, you don’t have to be in T10 right out of the gate, but don’t show up to heroic Halls of Reflection with BoA gear and quest greens. That’s a slap in the face to everyone else, ESPECIALLY the healer.

And when you upset the healer, you upset me, because, as a tank, if there is one person that I WILL taunt off of, it’s the heals. So go ahead, piss off the guy healing your wounds, see what happens.

… What’s going to happen, you ask? You’ll get an angry tankadin runnin’ your ass down like Dugan trampling that ref during the Vikings/Steelers game:

Healer friends, I’ll be the Dugan to your Harvin, this I promise you.

3.3 and Me, Oh Em Gee, Pee Vee Eee

I’d have to say the thing I was MOST excited about when I logged in on patch day was that my Silver Covenant Hippogryph can walk! Thank you, Blizzard, for restoring my poor bird-lion’s legs. Although I think they might have destroyed it’s ability to run without looking like it’s trying to swim through air.

With the new cross-server LFG system, I figured (so naively) that finding a heroic as an OMGSICK ret pally was gonna be super easy. Yeah, that didn’t quite work out well. See, DPS quality is not a factor in the decisions for ANYTHING, as I’m sure many of you have figured out by now (poor, poor Darraxus). So I specced prot… and stayed prot.

I even changed my offspec to holy to try to start healing. But we’ll see about that one, I’m still not sure I can bear THAT much responsibility. If only someone would’ve told my friend before he wanted me to look after his cat…

I think this could be made into a movie, but I’m kinda torn on who would portray my paladin. Would it be an actress, because I always play female characters (easier on the eyes, here’s looking at you Draenei male), or an actor, because I’m actually a guy? I could go for an androgenous actor… Nah.

“A ret paladin, clinging to the edge of society as a DPS, is forced to roll prot and tank face in some PuGs. Saddened as his roles in life have completely changed, he still somehow outDPSs 75% of PuGs he joins. Even more saddened, he sets his paladin on auto-attack while he gets up to make a sandwich. After he returns with a delicious peanut butter and honey sandwich and a tall glass of milk, the fact that he still has aggro throws him onto the verge of depression, down the twisting spiral of despair over the state of cluelessness and ineptitude among his brethren. Just then, a radical transformation occurs…”

I am paladin, hear me rawr.


I Have a Confession to Make

I’m cheating on WoW with Dragon Age. There, I said it, do what you will.

It’s a great game so far. I’m still in Lothering, doing simple quests like killing bears and bandits and such, but I like the combat scheme it has going for it. They’ve even introduced a mechanic that taunts enemies and makes them focus one party member.

Where have we seen this before? Sounds tank-y.

There’s also a spell that I haven’t picked up at all called Heal. I wonder what that’s for.

Sadly enough, however, I have not run into a priest or something like that yet. I do have a hot witch girl voiced by Claudia Black, which I picked up on almost immediately and became very excited (Stargate SG-1, seasons 8-10 anyone?). And some ex-nun who is now a rogue… for some reason. I don’t understand her back story, nor do I particularly care to look into it; she is quite extraneous.

I only have a couple complaints about the game so far. First of all, when you fight people, blood goes everywhere and you get blood specks on your armor and face. While this in and of itself isn’t bad, it’s that every time a cut-scene happens right after a fight, you see those blood specs and it looks RIDICULOUS. Then again, I didn’t grow up during the Middle Ages, and wouldn’t know about the patterns of blood spatter when an arm is cleaved off with a two-handed sword. I could give them the benefit of the doubt with this one.

However, the second complaint is actually about the gameplay itself: you seem to die WAY too easily. I picked a warrior (naturally, it was the closest thing I could get to a ret) and because of their “the character with the heaviest armor gets focused” game mechanic, my main character goes through health potions faster than Tiger Woods through a fire hydrant (too soon? I don’t think so) Or for those of you attuned to the elemental nature of football, faster than Adrian Peterson through a speed trap.

They’ve always said that guy was fast…

Anyway, maybe it’s just the beginning of the game and my nub ass hasn’t gotten any gear worth anything, so getting hit hard is a natural consequence. Still, it’s annoying as hell.

Stop being so fleshy and vulnerable, Aiden. Stop it.