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Because Goodbyes are so Cliché

It has been over a month since I’ve posted, and for those of you that religiously followed my blog over the summer (lookin’ at you, Jong), I’m sorry. I kind of left things at a cliffhanger, with the prospect of transferring servers/factions looming on the horizon.

Anyone interested in story time? I am, let’s go!

In the end, I decided to app to an Alliance guild on Aerie Peak. They were a raiding guild that was halfway through Ulduar hard modes and working on Heroic Trial, both of which were in 10man (25mans are a little harder to get off the ground, which I determined from how frustrated my new GM sounded as he pushed our 25man through normal Trial).

So I left my guild and my friends on Thunderlord for a jaunt on Aerie Peak, and I actually enjoyed it. My first couple of days in the guild, the GM threw me in the 10man hard mode group and we downed Firefighter. That same night, our tank finished her Algalon key, so we got to go see what was up his ass until he turned around and stomped us. Fun times all around.

The following week, I started classes. This semester I’m taking two upper-level biology courses and two do-nothing courses just for credits to graduate on time. After only a week, I was able to determine that I could not keep up any sort of raiding schedule and do well in my biology classes, which were the ones that mattered. Therefore, I wrote a succinct (Blizzard didn’t give me much choice, stupid character limit on in-game mail) letter to my GM and recruitment officer of the guild I JUST transferred to and regretfully resigned from WoW until such time I had the free time to pick up my mace again.

So here we are. I’ll try to stop by every now and then, check up on Rhidach, Ixobelle, Daraxxus, Ambrosyne, Jong, and all the other crazy but lovable bloggers I have gotten to know through their insightful and inspiring posts.

It’s been quite the ride.

Party on, Garth.

WTB Free Time, PST

Busy busy busy…

Let me recap the past week or two for you guys:

- Guild downed Anub’arak in both my 10-man and our 25-man
- Participated in a Yogg kill for the first time as a sub in a different 10-man (same guild though)
- Packing up, then moving into my apartment on campus
- Being sick for a couple days and have it be worse than it should’ve been due to alcohol and simple exhaustion

So those are my excuses for leaving this blog a barren wasteland; take them or leave them.

In WoW news, I might be transferring servers/faction for a new guild. My current guild is alright, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that they don’t really give a shit about hard modes, or even Ulduar anymore. The Yogg kill I got was with the more serious 10-man in our guild that is already full.

Sad face.

But yeah, that’s $55, which is a decent amount of coin. And there’s the ‘I’d feel guilty for leaving my current guild’ stuff, because they’ve been really great, but they’re not heading in a direction that I agree with, and the game is only a game if you enjoy it…

Nerd Rage Accumulating, Must… Prevent… Overload…

I just lost a roll on the Dual-Blade Butcher. I’m upset, so I’m writin’ a quick post that’s completely unrelated to WoW.

The dip-chip dilemma is a confounding one. Tortilla chips are delicious, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t taste right if you don’t have salsa.

So I go to the fridge and whip out the chunky salsa I prefer (stays on the chip better, IMO) and stare at the empty salsa dish in front of me. How much do I fill? How hungry am I? Or, more often than not…

How much salsa = how many chips? Can you estimate your salsa intake by handfuls of chips?

Gah, way too much math involved in this answer. Wow I’m lazy. But come on, 1.5 mL of salsa per square inch of chip sounds ridiculous. I realize that if you grab too much salsa, you either dump it or eat more chips to try to use it all.

Wait, either throw it away or eat it… that sounds strangely… American.

Player’s Bill of Rights?

I didn’t even bother trying to log on yesterday morning before work because I knew the servers would be down for maintenance, so I went to work, did my thing, went to the gym, and came home around 6:00 pm. To my disgust, the servers were still down. They remained down for another 2 hours before Blizzard decided to let us play on them again.

9:45 rolled around and, with 9 other guildies, into the Trial of the Crusader we went.

Beasts? Down.

Demon? Down.

Champions? Wipe, wipe, then down.

Twins? Down.

Bug? Uhh…

You said that last week, you asshole! I guess we’ll try again later in the week.

By the way, look at that Recount for our Twins encounter:

6k? I be runnin’ in ur coliseum, stealin’ ur orbs.

Here’s a fun trick: when you have to switch essences to go take down the other’s shield, you can grab the orbs of the color you just switched to and it will stack on the ones that you collected from the previous color. I think I had the Empowered buff like three times. Pure win.


All of these problems, from not getting our server up until an hour before raid time, to not being able to fight Anub’arak, to the instance error shit still poppin’ up, caused a lot of ruckus in trade chat. Lots of QQing, a topic Euripedes likes to discuss. This all raises a good question, though:

Do we have the right to bitch at Blizzard when we can’t play our favorite game for a couple hours?

Forget the EULA/ToA or whatever the legal jargon that Blizzard spews out their mouths. I’m simply asking whether we, as consumers, are entitled to complaints about “maintenance Tuesdays.”

We pay roughly $70 ($30 for Vanilla and BC a la Battle Chest, $40 for Wrath) to just install the game and play it the way it was meant to be played. We then pay $15 a month to continue playing, with the promise of new content through patches. The scale on which Blizzard patches WoW dwarfs other games.

Heh, dwarf.

Personally, I feel that the monthly fee is negligible when compared to other gaming venues. Sure, similar MMOs like Warhammer and EVE Online go for $15 a month also, but look at XBox Live.

I used to be pretty big into Halo 3, being a bored college student and all, and just having the ability to play online cost me 7$ a month. New map packs for Halo cost between 600 and 800 Microsoft Points, or $8 – $10 for new content. These packs didn’t come out very often, and the limits of Halo 3 were some form of armed PvP combat, with standard elements of deathmatches, capture the flag, etc. WoW has much more to offer than Halo, and I certainly feel that the extra content justifies an additional $8 a month.

So when servers go down for maintenance, is this stealing money out of our pockets? In the past, Blizzard has credited players with a free day of playtime due to excessive problems with maintenance causing the servers to be down for much longer than expected. This shows that Blizzard sometimes acknowledges our loss of playtime and, by extension, money.

Should we expect this every time the realms are down for longer than promised? This becomes a slippery slope. How long do the servers need to be down for Blizzard to issue free playtime? A couple hours past their estimate? An hour? A half-hour? One minute past?

Euripedes’ post (the one I linked earlier in this rambling) addresses Blizzard’s perfectionism. If they’re not satisfied with the way something turned out, i.e. Starcraft: Ghost, they’re not going to let other people play it. They could just release a metric shit ton of sub-par Warcraft and Starcraft-themed games and make millions, if only because people that are familiar with both of the series would gobble them up. If they do that, however, down goes their product quality, and down goes their customer loyalty.

It’s like Alien vs. Predator; from what I’ve heard, as I sadly haven’t seen either movie, Alien and Predator were great, but along comes some edgy studio that wants to put them both in the same production and viola, you have a steaming pile of film crap. The remade Miami Vice also falls into this same category; I walked out of this movie not even an hour into it.

Therefore, Blizzard maintains their servers constantly, and they won’t let their subscriber base even think about playing until they’re satisfied that most of the problems have been ironed out. Mini-refunds are Blizzard’s way of saying ‘thank you for your patience,’ and are in no way obligatory. What about the instance problems, and the Anub’arak glitches, you may ask? Suck it up, it’s a big game and Blizzard only has so many employees to handle the problems. They’re aware of the situation and will get to it when everyone stops flooding their offices with tears.

Just be grateful that Blizzard is in such caring hands.

The Things I Do For Shinies

The only heroic I’ll do on my paladin is the daily, and only for those necessary Emblems of Triumph. I was tanking a Heroic Gun’drak, which was the daily, a couple days ago with a group composition of druid healer, hunter, warlock, and arms warrior. By the second boss (the Colossus guy), it was pretty evident how the rest of the instance was going to go; I was first in damage and DPS. While I can see that my DPS is naturally high because Shield of Righteousness ‘has a Hemi in it,’ I was still saddened to see that the warlock was doing 2k MAX on trash and bosses, the hunter was barely keeping up with 1.8k, and the warrior was dead last with 1.2k. The warrior admitted that he has just hit 80 the day before, but come on guys, let’s get our act together here. On the bright side, at least I didn’t have threat issues…

In raiding news, our raid leader had to stop playing because of RL conflicts, so one of our 10-man raid leaders stepped up and delivered. And deliver he did, as we got guild-first downs of Thorim, Mimiron, and Vezax. Go team! Extendable lockouts FTW on those. We’ll be attempting Yogg next Sunday, I believe, as 25 Trial should take a little while this week, with the final encounter opening up.

The majority of my WoW time has been devoted to gearing out my DK. Let me tell you, finding a group when you have BoA shoulders on isn’t so easy. People just automatically label you as a scrub and lawl you out of the group. I ran a Heroic Trial of the Champion yesterday with a couple friends and a PuG Blood DK. He laughed at my DW Frost spec, and my sub-par gear, but by the end of the instance, he had 4k dps and I had 3.1k, not nearly as low as he thought. However, when I confronted him about it, he just said I’d ‘never beat him in DPS lol.’ Congrats, Blood DK, you’re officially an idiot who doesn’t realize that his gear allows for much higher potential DPS than mine, which has a plethora of blues left (yes, I consider 4 blues a plethora). Also, at the time, I had a Titansteel MH and a Naxx 10 OH, so that didn’t help the situation either.

I don’t know why I did a Google search for ‘ice cream,’ but I’m sure glad I did. This guy kinda looks like Red Foreman from That 70′s Show.

Wow, I want some of that ice cream now. Hopefully its made from frozen human.